Making Life More Affordable for Families

Published on April 29, 2018

It's been another busy week on the campaign trail. In between canvasses, I've attended a number of meetings, including one with parents and teachers from Jewish day schools and another with residents of a Toronto Community Housing building. I was also honoured to attend the inaugural meeting of the Association of Filipino Conservatives in Canada and to join my friend Senator Con Di Nino at the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial at the Columbus Centre.

On the policy front, our leader Doug Ford made two significant policy announcements this week:

Our Childcare Plan for The People

Few decisions are as personal, or important, to parents as the care of a child. Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals believe in ‘one-size-fits all’ government childcare. They believe that the government — and not parents — should decide what’s best for their children. Our plan will put more money in parents’ pockets and respect the choices of moms and dads in deciding what’s best for their kids.

Under the PC Plan, parents will receive an Ontario Childcare Rebate that will pay up to 75% of a family’s childcare expenses, with lower income families receiving the most support. Unlike the Liberal Plan, which only covers children between ages 2-4, and restricts childcare options to government-licensed providers, the Ontario PC Plan will cover childcare costs for children up to 15 years of age and cover multiple forms of care.

Our Hydro Plan For The People

An Ontario PC Government will remove several buried expenses from Ontario hydro bills, while ensuring that Ontario families are the principle beneficiaries of improved efficiencies in the hydro system. In particular, we will: 

  • Return all Hydro one dividends to hydro customers — saving the average family $70 on their hydro bills.
  • Stop the practice of burying the cost of conservation programs on hydro bills and instead move those programs to the tax base — saving the average family $43 on their hydro bills.
  • Place an immediate moratorium on any new energy contracts while walking back and re-negotiating existing contracts where possible — saving the average family $60 on their hydro bills. 

Together, these three measures will save an average family $173 per year on their hydro bills - a 12 per cent savings on the average family’s hydro bill.

These are exciting policies that will bring much needed change for Ontario families. Please help bring this message of change to your neighbours, friends, and family by sharing this post. 

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash